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Evo sta nas ceka:

Quests at Party Tree
1 collect apples
2 collect ribbons flowers & berries

each gets you a yule token,
turn in 5 yule tokens for Hobbit Gift Box

Quests in Thorins Hall
the dwarf quartermaster near the bank

1 gather snow
2 gather ice and berries

both get you a yule token,
Trade 5 yule tokens for Dwarf Gift Box

Quests at Boar-fountain in Bree

Man quartermaster is at the Boar Fountain

1 gather casks of ale
2 gather boar meat

both get you a yule token,
5 yule tokens for a Man Gift Box

Quests in Duillond
1 gather mistletoe
2 gather branches

both get you a yule token,
quartermaster in duillond need 5 yule tokens to get an Elf Gift Box


Dwarf Gift Box: Tater
Dwarf Gift Box: Dwarven Yule-fest Wall
Dwarf Gift Box: Dwarven snow globe
Dwarf Gift Box: Dwarf-make prospector's pack
Dwarf Gift Box: Forester's Hauberk
Dwarf Gift Box: Fancy Woodcutter's Pack:

Elven gift box: Scaled hauberk
Elven gift box: Exquisite short-sleeved dress
Elven gift box: Dwarven Yule-fest Wall
Elven gift box: Elegant Quiver
Elven gift box: Elegant Short-sleeved Dress
Elven gift box: Elven Snow-globe

Hobbit gift box: Red Gift Box (small furniture, not BoA)
Hobbit gift box: Coal
Hobbit gift box: - Dwarven Yule-fest Wall
Hobbit gift box: - Hobbit Snow-globe
Hobbit gift box: - Blue Gift Box
Hobbit gift box: Short Fancy Robe

Man gift box: Scaled hauberk
Man gift box: Foresters Haurberk
Man gift box: Bree-exquisite dress
Man gift box: Festive candle
Man gift box: Bree-Land Snow-Globe

Man gift box: Dwarven Yule-fest Wall

Man gift box: Mariner's Hauberk
Man gift box: Festive Table

Obtained by completing the "Yule-tide Woes" quest chain that starts in Hobbiton.
(Best to start it with Hal Hornblower who is standing next to the Hobbiton Stable-master.
This quest is not repeatable, is a seasonal Yule Festival Quest Chain and first appeared Yule, 2007.)

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